Helane Freeman

​​​email: Helane@me.com


What kind of illustration are you looking for?

My "artistic lineage" is traceable to Leonardo da Vinci via master/apprentice relationships. I graduated Art Center College of Design with honors in illustration and continued to pass the lineage on by teaching anatomy figure drawing at the California Art Institute. These days I work in all media from oils to airbrush and digital formats.

I enjoy an interactive creative process with my clients. My portable digital studio provides the flexibility for me to come to you if necessary. This can greatly reduce iterations while keeping your interruptions to your schedule at a minimum.

Illustrations are my forte. The album covers I illustrated for the California Raisins are owned and displayed at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. My likenesses of Charlie Sheen and Oprah Winfrey received first-round approvals with no changes.

Unlike most illustrators that have a unique style, I like to be more of a chameleon. I can mimic many styles from Roy Lichtenstein to Norman Rockwell. It even took Disney’s legal department three days to verify that my Jackson Pollock impression was truly an original piece and not a direct copy. If you have a specific artist’s style in mind, I can mimic it for you.

Remember, when you need a project to look incredible, be on time and within your budget 
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