Helane Freeman

​​​email: Helane@me.com


I was recently introduced to some people as the "the wolds most known, unknown artist." I think the description fits. My work can be found on platinum selling album covers, in hit TV shows, in movies, on supermarket shelves, in bookstores and many other places. This article even credits me with starting a trend in movies and yet the average person never heard of me. 

I'm a graduate of Art Center School of Design and have raised and supported a family on nothing but my art. I am an artist with a mind for business that understands the pressures of deadlines and limited budgets. FDA labeling laws, UPC packaging requirements and other compliance regulations are just part of the services I offer. People that use my services, know the job will get done right. 

Do you need 40 drawings in two days? I can and have delivered under such pressure (but I do prefer schedules that allow me to sleep). I excel at visualizing abstract ideas that are presented to me by non-artists. This eliminates much of the time wasted on typical projects and allows me to meet the tightest deadlines. 

Feel free to browse my site to see samples of my work. If you have any questions or need a quote, just call. 818.889.9344  - Helane

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Resume, Friends, Press and Bio